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Lakota Stichting (Foundation) in Holland gives information to the Dutch public about the Indian communities of North-America. Our goal is to break stereotype images of Indian peoples and replace them by a realistic image. From an insight in their way of life and their visions, we try to do something constructive for and with the original inhabitants of the America’s. Lakota Stichting is specially interested in the Lakota Indians, generally known as the Sioux. The Lakota Stichting was founded in 1989 with the intention to inform the general public of the present-day situation of the Lakota Nation.

1990 was an important year as it marked the hundredth anniversary of the massacre at Wounded Knee. On December 29, 300 Lakota were murdered by the U.S. Army. It signalled the end of Indian resistance against white settlers. In October of 1990 the Lakota Stichting organised a festival in remembrance of Wounded Knee. Activities included, among others, an Indian dance group, a video program, and lectures.
Another well-publicized event the Lakota Stichting helped organise was the exhibition ‘Lakol Wokiksuye’ which featured photos dating from the nineteenth century showing the life of the Plains Indians who, at the time, were suffering from white intrusion on their lands.
In 1989 the Lakota Stichting, together with the Dutch magazine ‘KIVA’ published a book on the present-day situation of the Indian peoples in North-America.

In the summer the Lakota Stichting organises a trip to the Lakota Nation. It is an unique opportunity to be introduced in Indian culture and lifestyle. The guides are Lakota and they will teach you the things about their culture that they feel are important. During the trip participants will camp out or stay with Indian families.

Lakota Stichting has been financially supporting projects in Lakota Country, that have been set up within their own communities

  • KILI Radio
  • SuAnne Big Crow Center – youth center
  • Camp Courage – youth camp
  • several powwows
  • Wolakota Waldorf School
  • strawhouse for Josephine and Larry Fast Wolf
  • ReMember
  • Porcupine Clinic
  • OSPRA – buffalo pasture
  • Oglala Lakota Nation Diabetes Program
  • Crazy Horse Ride
  • Tusweca Tiospaye – language project
  • AIROS Internet Radio
  • Lakota Fund
  • Sage and Sweetgrass

Lakota Stichting is not a New Age organisation, we support the Declaration of War of traditional Lakota against the exploiters of their spirituality.

The Lakota Stichting has a large amount of books, videos, and newspaper clippings on the subject of North American Indians, which can be borrowed. Lakota Stichting also does lectures, exhibitions and school programs.

Lakota Stichting publishes a series of booklets, called ‘Cactus-reeks’ with background information on Indian and native issues. All our publications are in Dutch.

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