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  • Thousands of ND Indians blocked from voting 17 oktober 2018
    For Indian people living on reservations in the Dakotas, having a post office box as their only address is the norm. Families must travel, mostly dirt and gravel roads that crisscross rugged terrain, just to check their mail because the U.S. Postal Service does not deliver to these remote areas. It seems reservation realities are […]
  • The GOP’s efforts to ‘repeal and replace’ the Affordable Care Act failed 17 oktober 2018
    It seems that the chickens have come home to roost when it comes to the Affordable Care Act, or as the Republicans so destructively called it “Obamacare” in hopes of turning it into a dirty word. Senator Mike Rounds campaigned on the slogan “Repeal and Replace Obamacare” and has been fittingly silent since he was […]
  • The emperor has no clothes 17 oktober 2018
    To the Editor, Donald Trump claims, “Every single Democrat in the U.S. Senate has signed up for the open borders – and it’s a bill. And it’s called The Open Borders Bill. What’s going on? And it’s written by – guess who – Dianne Feinstein. “But there is not a shred of truth to this […]

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